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How ToneDen increased Sales Efficiency by 40% with Polymail

  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

  • Industry: Software

  • Founded: 2015


ToneDen is a fast-growing software company that provides an automated social marketing platform for brands, venues, and creators. As ToneDen began working with larger customers like Interscope Records and Pitchfork Music Festival, they needed a way to efficiently navigate these complex sales processes as a team. Tim Thimmaiah, ToneDen's CEO, quickly realized that traditional email didn't allow them to work in the way that they needed.

“Larger scale partnerships are just projects,” explains Thimmaiah. “As we moved upstream with our deal sizes, we had to analyze and work on each deal as a team, but our conversations with prospects were happening over email. To understand where we were at in certain deals, it took us 10 clicks just to view each conversation in our CRM, so it was really hard to access that information and share insight with each other.”

“Complex deals mean that our solution and pricing is going to be customized,” says Tommy Knecht, ToneDen's Director of Partnerships. “If I'm on an email thread with a prospect and need to brainstorm with our team, we can't just set a meeting or jump on the phone to discuss it. But we need each other's insights.”


At ToneDen, working collaboratively on deals wasn't just a requirement for effective sales, it was a business imperative.

“By allowing us to collaborate within email conversations, Polymail made it seamless for our team to loop each other in on deals.” explains Knecht. “Polymail made our process 40% more efficient by making it easy to share, discuss, and collaborate on sales conversations as a team - without leaving our inbox.”

"Polymail made our process 40% more efficient by making it easy to share, discuss, and collaborate on sales conversations - without leaving our inbox."

  • Tommy Knecht, Director of Partnerships at ToneDen

“As we hire new sales reps, we know Polymail will also be really helpful for onboarding since new reps can easily loop us in on conversations and ask for guidance.” says Knecht.

In addition to leveraging Polymail to collaborate more efficiently, the team at ToneDen also relied heavily on the platform's robust tracking system to provide insight into prospect engagement throughout the deal cycle.

“Polymail's Activity Feed saves deals,” said Ali Shakeri, ToneDen's CMO. “We can track when a prospect downloads a proposal that we sent, so we can call them immediately after to engage them in the deal. Polymail's tracking is the most accurate I've ever seen from any product.”


Within a few weeks of switching to Polymail, the team at ToneDen started to see an improvement in their communication, collaboration, and most importantly - efficiency.

“Polymail allows our entire team to jump in and be involved in the sales process,” Shakeri says. “It's cross-functional, so our success team can work with our sales team to understand how conversations relate to opportunities.”

With the ability collaborate seamlessly throughout their sales process, ToneDen could successfully navigate complex deals together and grow their business faster, while providing their team with greater transparency and insight into their process.

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