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Save 4 hours a week managing your email and power up your conversations with intelligent automation.

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We created Polymail for you.

Polymail is an email experience designed for those who expect the best out of the tools they use.

We created a simple interface with powerful features. An app that serves you information you what you need, when you want it. Polymail is made for people who want to be more effective in their communications, spend time on high-impact work, and stay on top of important conversations.

Email is where your important conversations happen. We believe you should have tools which help you work better, not slow you down.

We've turned many of our user's inboxes from something dreaded into something loved.

We hope we'll do the same for you ๐Ÿ’Œ

Simple, beautiful email productivity.

Save time and work more efficiently with tools for everyday email productivity like email tracking, contact profiles, and follow up reminders.

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Automate your outreach and book meetings quickly.

Let Polymail do your busywork with automated email outreach, meeting scheduling, and more. Spend less time on repetitive manual tasks and more time on high-value work.

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Give context to your conversations

Say goodbye to email clutter and hello to organized communication. Polymail allows you to share your conversations anywhere and get the proper context you need.

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Unlock your professional communications


manage communication more efficiently


improve communication with customers and clients


average improvement in team efficiency

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"Polymail solves alot of problems we didn't recognize before. It's helped us work more collaboratively and efficiently through email."

Joe Nehila
President, Nosoco

"I'm a huge fan of Polymail - it helped us grow from 100 to 3,000 customers in less than a year."

Joris Beerten
BD Director, OTA Insight

"Polymail has made it easy to tag team members and keep our conversation focused in one place - making our sales process more effective."

Ricardo Celaya

"Polymail Sequences have made us so much more efficient - it's taken our team to the next level."

Ryan Jaskiewicz
CEO, 12Five Capital

"Polymail gives me the confidence to send and track emails while staying on top of my inbox - saving me hours every week."

Mat Vogels
CEO, Zestful

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